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The Braşov Bioarchaeology Project aims to shed light on the origins and development of Braşov over a period of five centuries (approx.13th to the 18th century) by combining and analysing multi-disciplinary evidence. Research questions and objectives begin and branch out from the post-excavation processing and analysis of medieval sites from Braşov County, to be then extended to the broader Transylvanian region.

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Main objectives

  • Archaeological stratigraphic analysis and interpretation of the cemetery, its contexts and finds

  • Anthropological analysis of all burials

  • Identification of socio-demographic trends and population dynamics

  • Observation of dietary, paleopathological and developmental patterns

  • Ethical treatment and safe storage of the assemblage

  • To undertake new field research and uncover new evidence.


Archaeological contexts and skeletal remains are analysed by means of a multi-disciplinary, staged approach. Non-destructive, macroscopic methods are combined with biomolecular and chemical analyses. Historical, archaeological, environmental and bioarchaeological datasets allow infra- and inter-population analyses and comparisons.

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